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mansquito book club

Is your thirst for knowledge unquenchable? Then join the Mansquito Book Club. It’s just like Oprah’s Book Club, except less oppressed women and personal tragedy, and more UFO’s, ghostly phenomena, and sasquatch attacks. And I probably won’t be giving away any cars. But feel free to scream and jump up and down anyways.

All these books are Mansquito approved!
(click on the image if you want to check them out on Amazon.)

the big book of the unexplained : by Doug Moench

This book is really awesome! Not only is it filled with snippets on all the greatest unexplained topics. But each topic is illustrated by a different comic book artist. One of my all time favs that I read again and again. Makes a great wedding gift!

the monster at the end of this book

OK this is the greatest book of all time. Definitely my favorite book growing up. And it’s about monsters so you can’t go wrong! The whole time Grover is figuring out new ways to avoid turning the pages. And kids (and me) the whole time are having fun torturing the poor little monster with every page turn. So yes ... get this.

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