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The Colossal Squid:

Colossal Squid Catch

So years back when I was a card carrying member of the giant squid fan club, I didn’t even know about Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, aka the Colossal Squid. Imagine! This is the new squid on the block (NSOTB) and is quite different than its merely giant cousin. (Don’t worry giant squid you will always be my first, you complete me.)

So Colossal is new, as in 1925 new, when the species was first discovered. The Colossal Squid’s body, or mantle, is bigger and heavier, and shares the same arms and tentacles covered in serrated suckers, but also has sharp hooks. Ouch! Scientists estimate Colossal at 46-feet-long, and around 1,000 lbs. Although I like to believe there’s always a bigger fish out there. (see below: ginormous, man-eating, river catfish)

giant catfish

Like all squid, they use black ink to ward off things it would rather not be eaten by. Human consumption shouldn’t be a problem though, because large squids use ammonium chloride to maintain neutral buoyancy. It’s lighter than seawater, but taste like crap. So the secret ingredient will never be Colossal Squid. (Morimotto would go ahead and whip up some giant squid ice cream anyway- Allez cuisine!)

Colossal also has the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom, 16-inches across. “Ah, the better to see you with bioluminescent dinner”.

squid lineup

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