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Google Earth:

Did you know this guy is carved into a mountain in South America?

BIG HUMANOID: 19°56'56.96"S 69°38'1.83"W

google earth man

Or that there’s geometric large shapes carved into the Earth.

LARGE TRIANGLE IN MOUNTAIN: 33 44'17.45"N 112 38'0.17"W

google earth triangle

Google Earth has even captured some not so Earthly things.

UFO: 45°42'12.73"N 21°18'7.53"E

google earth ufo

How about a mountain in Canada that resembles an Indian.

INDIAN FACE: 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W

google earth indian

So all of these images really exist and the good news is, in the words of LeVar Burton, “but you don’t have to take my word for it”...

Try it yourself:
Step 1: Download Google Earth which conveniently is free. And is a super time killer.
Step 2: Copy and paste these into the search box.
Step 3: Press enter. And be amazed.

Here’s a collection of coordinates to get you started on your big brother adventure. With a good variety of the cool, the unexplainable and the holy crap! Don’t forget to test out the ones above too. Better clear your schedule, it’s addictive.


UFO 2: 45°42'2.99"N 21°15'48.86"E

TONS OF HIPPOS: 6°53'53.00" S 31°11'15.40" E

ELEPHANTS: 10°54'13.66" N 19°56'06.15" E

FLAMINGOS: 21°50'36.15" S 35°27'00.60" E

COOL CIRCLE FIELDS? : 39°39'38.05"N 115°58'33.73"W

MYSTERIOUS TRIANGLE UFO: 30 30'38.82"S 115 22'56.14"E

MISSILE LAUNCH? ( SMOKE TRAIL): 38°13'36.05"N 112°17'56.56"W

CHICHEN ITZA: 20°40'58.42"N 88°34'5.89"W

PATTERN CARVED INTO MOUNTAIN: 40 27'15.19"N 93 23'33.75"E

STRANGE RED SYMBOL IN GRASS: 53 50'59.55"N 1 58'12.02"W

COOL SWIRL SYMBOL 48 21'10.18"N 11 43'56.72"E

SPIRAL DOTS IN SAND: 27°22'49.22"N 33°37'55.87"E

LION SYMBOL: 51 50'43.09"N 0 33'11.03"W

SQUID CREATURE? LOCH NESS: 57°12'52.13"N, 4°34'14.16"W

I’ll keep updating with new coordinates when I find them. “I’ll see you next time!”

levar Burton

LEVAR BURTON: location unknown??


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