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The Mothman:

gere as mothman

it’s a bird... it’s a crane... it’s mothman?

Midnight, November 15, 1966. Two couples are driving home when they see a terrifying, gray, 7-foot creature in the distance. Suddenly the monster soars into the air and gives chase, never flapping its wings, keeping up with them at astounding speeds up to 100 mph. The witnesses are haunted by the monster’s hypnotic, huge, reflective red eyes set right into its chest, as if it were headless. (Ask Ichabod Crane how scary that is.) Earlier that same night a farmer discovers the same creature in his own backyard, unfortunately so does his dog, who charges after it and never returns.

The next day a reporter dubs the creature “the MOTHMAN” after a villain on the Batman show.

(You can see the obvious resemblence)

mothman vs mothman

For 13 months the “Mothman” and other unexplainable phenomena terrorize the entire town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Over 100 people claim to see the creature. It shuffles around on human-noid legs, has wings of a bat and apparently takes-off straight up like a helicopter. The creatures’ only sound resembles a woman’s scream. ( I’m pretty sure that scream would be coming out of my mouth if I ever saw Mothman.)

So what is the Mothman? A crane, a giant owl, a crypto-zoologist’s fantasy come true, or is it a town’s collective psyché spiralling out of control? Some believe the Mothman was a messenger, who’s very presence was a bad omen predicting immenent disaster. Well that disaster occurred December 15th, 1967. The Silver Bridge, which spanned the Ohio river, collapsed during rush hour, plunging dozens of cars into the river, killing 46 people. Days later they were still pulling Christmas trees, gifts and bodies from the murky waters. Needless to say it was pretty traumatic for the small town.

Now some believe the Mothman is seen right before big disasters in a few photographs, but I'm pretty sure that’s a whole lotta Photoshop magic. Hey, I put Richard Gere’s head on Mothman in like 3.7 seconds. So don’t believe everything you see. Although I’m definitely not ruling out that Richard Gere could be Mothman ...

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