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mansquito market:

When I’m not researching the unknown, I’m designing keen tee shirts.

ghost hunt tee

give us a sign of your presence ghost hunting tee.

The next time you’re doing some amateur ghost hunting in the basement leave the tough EVP work to this handy teeshirt ... because I’m pretty sure ghosts can read. Unless of course it’s an illiterate ghost. Check it out at my nifty store on Zazzle.

i must own this

kraken tee

unleash the kraken vintage tee.

Distressed tentacles tee. Printed on high-quality American Apparel fabric. Put it on any color you like (except black that would be dumb) at my store on Zazzle.

buy unleash the kraken tee.

i heart architeuthis

i heart architeuthis squid ink tee.

Let everyone know you’re smarter than they are by sporting this fanciful salute to the mighty Giant Squid, complete with black squid ink heart. Everyone won’t understand, but you aren’t everyone are you?

i want that!


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